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How To Care For Tulips

Everyone loves tulips. Tulips are amazing plants. In Fall once the ground has started cooling the bulbs are ready to be planted. In Winter tulips need 13-15 weeks of cool weather to help establish roots and before the shoots will emerge. In Summer after blooming the leaves dry out sending the nutrients to the bulb. During dormancy, the flower forms in the bulb by late summer. And in Spring after cooling and once the sun starts warming the ground, the tulips know it's time to bloom.

Tulips are some of the first flowers as a sign of spring. Tulips are said to have different meanings based on flower color.

  • Red tulips - Love, Pasion

  • Pink tulips - Happiness, Confidence

  • Purple tulips - Royalty

  • Yellow tulips - Cheerful thoughts

  • Green tulips - Hopeful beginnings

  • Orange tulips - Friendship

  • Blue tulips - One of a kind

  • Black tulips - Power

1. Choose young tulips and purchase bunches that are not open yet.

2. Wrap the stems in wet cloth or paper towels.

3. Cutting tulips before putting them in a vase

4. Choose the right vase

5. Fill the vase with cold water

6. Add some flower "food".

7. Tulips do best in full sunlight, but be sure to pay attention to the temperature.

8. Change the water in the vase at least every other day.

a tulip doesn't strive to impress anyone. it doesn't struggle to be different than a rose. it doesn't have to. it is different. and there's room in the garden for every flower. - Marianne Williamson

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